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This web site has uplifted content from the Google Site I published at    It is understood Google may be discontinuing their free web site service.   

The International Astronomical Union has taken a lead in helping people with disabilities to access Astronomy and our wonderful ever-expanding universe. The International Astronomical Union has a Working Group on ”Astronomy for Equity and Inclusion”. Through this group, astronomers (both sighted and visually impaired astronomers) are developing methods and resources to facilitate access to astronomical information “for people with special educational or physical needs, or those who might be excluded for their particular race or gender.” Their resources are available at

The IAU office has funded projects for visually impaired persons, one of which resulted in the creation of an Astronomical kit for the visually impaired. More information on the kit is at These resources can be downloaded from the site.

I have found Youtube has a number of good tutorial videos. Here is one I have enjoyed